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changes to course information

the information contained in this website updated from time to time and all reasonable care has been taken to ensure its accuracy. the university cannot guarantee that all courses will be available in exactly the form and detail described and it may be necessary to vary the content or availability of some courses. material changes will be highlighted in course documentation and also at the time of an offer to study on a particular course is made.

information on fees detailed in this website was correct at this date and is likely to be subject to an inflationary increase. updated information on fees will be provided in course documentation and also at the time the university makes an offer to study on a particular course.

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course handbooks

course handbooks, and the programme specifications within the appendix are useful as an indication of the course structure and provide a useful summary of the course when considering possible career pathways or study routes. the course handbook can also be used by professional and statutory bodies, employers and industry as a useful guide to content and outcomes of a course.

uclan understands that you want to research potential universities and courses in good time and tries to ensure information on its website is regularly updated. however, whilst the courses described are those that we plan to offer, the information may have been released far in advance of the academic year(s) in which you are interested and may therefore be subject to change at a later date. for example, admissions requirements, course content and delivery can be subject to change to enable the university to deliver a better quality of educational experience to students enrolled on the course. this can be in response to various factors including: student feedback; annual reports from external examiners; feedback from the sector or industry advisors or as part of the regular review process by course teams.

applicants are encouraged to check information on our relevant course pages from time to time, particularly before submitting any application for their academic year of study. material changes about a course will be notified to you in material produced after the change is made and at the time you are made any offer of a place of study for that course. for details about changes to course information after you have accepted any offer, please see our conditions of offer.

subject to validation

some courses are subject to formal course approval, accreditation and validation at regular intervals by external professional bodies, which may result in changes to the course structure or availability. course and programme information and specifications are also developed and updated as part of the university’s internal validation, review and approval process.

uclan tries to ensure that any significant changes as a result of review and/or validation are included in documentation subsequently produced about the relevant course, and at the time any offer of a place of study is made. for students holding current offers whose course has been subject to validation, please see the conditions of offer sent to you, the current version of which can be found here.

the expected timetable for completion of reviews will be highlighted on individual course pages.

subject to review

uclan is committed to ensuring its courses remain accurate, up to date, relevant and of benefit to its students. as part of this process courses are subject to periodic review which may result in changes to the course structure. the timing of anticipated reviews of courses advertised in this prospectus are noted on course pages where relevant. any changes made as a result of this review will be notified to students at the time they may be made an offer of a place of study for that course.

entry requirements

uclan entry requirements will vary depending on the individual course and the year of entry. any reference to typical entry qualification or grades stated on the website are provided as a guide only. there is no guarantee that applicants who have, or are predicted to achieve, grades equivalent to or exceeding typical entry qualifications or grade will be made an offer by uclan.

for students with qualifications gained outside of the united kingdom, you can seek an indication of the qualifications typically required to gain entry to one of our courses by using the ‘find your country’ feature where you will find country specific information about qualifications from your country.

for further details about our approach to entry requirements and admissions, please see our admissions policy.

new ucas tariff 2017 entry

ucas has introduced a new tariff system which aims to provide a fair and more transparent process of allocating tariff points across a wide range of qualifications. this new tariff system will be used for courses starting 2017. applicants should note that new tariff points for a qualification may be different to the points for the same qualification in the previous system – generally tariff points will be lower on the new tariff.

for further information on the new tariff systems please see ucas website or the ucas information factsheet.

conditions of offer

any offer of a place made to you by the university is on the basis that, in accepting such an offer, you agree to the university’s terms and conditions, which form part of the contract between you and the university. a copy of the university’s current terms and conditions of offer can be found here.

the contract between you and the university is anticipated to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of england and wales and any dispute handled by the courts of england and wales. if you live outside of england and wales you may have rights in law to bring legal proceedings in your local courts and you should seek advice in relation to such matters.

the university’s contract with its students does not confer benefits on third parties.

Tuition Fees & Finances

information concerning and indication of general additional costs can be found in our fees and finance section.

course module options

some modules relating to a course are mandatory and others are optional. please note that it may not be possible to deliver the full list of options every year. delivery of modules will depend on factors such as changes to theory and practice in the field, student and professional feedback and how many students choose that particular option. when accepting your offer of a place to study on this course, you should be aware that not all of these optional modules will be running. at (or before) the start of each year, you will have an opportunity to discuss your course and preferred options with your tutor. the university tries to ensure that you are able to undertake your preferred options, but cannot guarantee this.


we hope that you are happy with your uclan experience; if not please get in touch. your complaint will be directed to the appropriate department and if it is not resolved to your satisfaction we will invite you to submit a formal complaint.